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Design Considerations

The plants selected need to be able to handle different environments. Unlike the plants I select, the Holy Land is more of a desert area with little water with rocky hillsides to small mountains. Most plants there are drought tolerant and will seldom need water. Other plants need water all the time and others can go months without water. The soil is another key thing in growing all plants. The pH must be suitable for the roots or the plant will wither and die. The soil might be too rocky for the roots to spread enough to form a strong root structure. Some of the plants that do not need much water like well- drained soil. If water sits around the tree, the roots will become overcome and die of root rot. For the plants that like water and the soil lets the water run off before it can take it all in, the plant will not grow to its full potential. With all plants, you must watch out for late frost. Like this year, we had spring- like weather for a couple of days causing premature growth. Plants that flower early will not show their flowers if there is late frost. For example, my lilies are out of the ground and got frosted already this year. It is important to know when your frost date comes and goes. Some plants cannot take harsh winter or desert like summers. The Holy ground area has wide spread of climate conditions. It goes from tropical to desert to mountains all with in that area. Maybe before you look at anything you should look at where you are placing the plants. Are you planting next to a house, barn, temple, other trees, and rivers? You must take into constitution how much sun plants will get. Is there full sun, dapple shade, half sun half shade, or no sun? Do my plants need full sun or can they get by with hardly any shade? Can the new plant live next to these established plants and still allow adequate rooting? Do these plants make a lot of mess or are they neat trees and to donít lose much foliage? If planting next to a wall, does the wall allow the plant adequate sun? One last hint in building your landscape. Label your plants so that others looking at the plant for the first time know what it is. Even better, include the verse with the plant so people looking know where to find it in the Bible. These plants are for the Holy Land area so unless you live in a tropical area you donít need to plant all of these plants in your landscape. Some of these plants can be used in your landscape. Read the climate they need to survive and make sure you do not waste your money on something that is not fit for your yard.