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Plants that go in any kind of Bible Gardens

Phoenix dactylifera- Date Palm 
    • Deuteronomy 34:3 "the city of palm trees" 
    • This plant does well in hot conditions like desert oases and does well on hill country 
    • Feather like leaves with very sharp points and yields sweet fruits 
    • Found: Crockets Wholesale Nursery 
Pinus halepensis- Fir
    • 1 Kings 5:10 
    • This plant is known for its desirable wood 
    • Grows in dry areas, woody hillsides and grows to 60’ tall with a columnar shape 
    • Found: Sandemenseeds
Buxus sempervirens- Boxwood 
    • Isaiah 60:13 
    • This is a long-lived evergreen shrub found in dry, hilly regions 
    • Valued for it wood carving you can build with it 
    • This plant grows slowly can grow in shade or sun 
    • Found: Oakland Nursery
Amygdalus communis- Almond 
    • Jeremiah 1:11 
    • First tree to blossom after winter’s sleep has a pinkish color flower the symbol of hope 
    • Requires deep, well drained, sandy soils, sunny location, good for food, and water abundantly 
    • Found: TyTy Nurseries
Capparis spinosa- Caper Desire 
    • Ecclesiastes 12:5 "The Preacher" 
    • A spinney shrub grows straggling like vine over the ground, rocks, old walls 
    • The flowers are white and only open at night which are very pretty 
    • Found: Sandemenseeds
Paliurus spina- Christ’s thorn 
    • John 19:2 
    • Very dense 10-12’ high with an oval shape flowers in the June/July with tiny greenish-yellow look 
    • Used for a barrier likes heat and prefers heat and well drained soil 
    • Found: Sandemenseeds
Retama roetam- Desert Broom 
    • 1 Kings 19:4 
    • A Junipers that is upright shrub that has 3-10’ wide spread likes rocky and sandy soil likes full/light sun has white flowers 
    • Extra makes into charcoal 
    • Found: Sandemenseeds
Ficus carica- Fig 
    • Micah 4:4 
    • Grows fast low branching likes summer heat drought tolerant likes sunny sites and a well-drained area gets to be 10’ tall 
    • Has a sweet juicy fruit can only be pruned in spring 
    • Found: TyTy Nurseries
Quercus ilex- Holly oak 
    • Genesis 35:4 
    • Grows 2-4’ a year get to be 40-60’ tall in about 25-50 years 
    • Rapid growth, has late flowers in spring and has food for animals 
    • The wood is hard, tough, and durable that can be used for houses and shipbuilding the only bad thing is they cannot take long cold periods 
    • Found: Trees Direct
Nerium oleander- Oleander 
    • Ecclesiasticus 39:13 
    • 5-12’ width and height the leaves are narrow and glossy 
    • Flowers are pure white to shades of pink in dense clusters grown any soil, drought tolerant likes full sun 
    • Found: Boulevard Nursery 
Olea europaea- Olive tree 
    • Psalms 52:8 
    • Thrives in rocky, parched terrain and bearing fruit eaten with bread, can be staple part of the diet 
    • Purpose: cooking, light for lamps, sentiments for hair and medicine 
    • Slow growing with fragrant flowers grown in alkaline, shallow or stony soils needs a lot fertilizer 
    • Found: TyTy Nurseries
Nasturtuim officinale- Watercress 
    • Deuteronomy 32:2 
    • Arise from rather weak, hollow stems growing about 12" tall 
    • The leaves can be eaten, has a peppery taste 
    • Grows in water sometimes can be grown in shallow pots or saucer 
    • Found: Sandemenseeds 
Ruta graveolens- Rue 
    • Luke 11:42 
    • Woody, bush-like perennial 2-3’high fern-like leaves 
    • Has strong mineral salts, makes excellent tonic for rue tea 
    • Needs well drained soils, full sun and little moisture has very bushy best branches used in a hedge 
    • In biblical herb is one of the best pot plants 
    • Found: Oakland Nursery
Saffron crocus- Crocus sativus 
    • Song of Solomon 4:14 
    • 4-6" long purple flowers used for food coloring 
    • Takes over 70,000 blossoms to yield a single pound of precious spice 
    • Planted in August and flowers in October found in rock gardens and massed beds 
    • Found: Millcreek Nursery
Hyacinthus orientalis- Hyacinth 
    • Song of Solomon 6:2 
    • Flowers deep blue heavily perfumed 
    • Set out in October and early November about 7 to 9" apart and see action in spring 

    • Found: Oakland Nursery